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Each and every small interaction that users have with your social media presence presents a vital snippet of information that can be used to enhance your digital marketing game. By delving into these numbers and stats using social media analytics, you can gain a deeper understanding of who you’re communicating with and how they engage with your brand and content. 
All the major social media platforms have their own analytical tools available, and there are a number of all-singing, all-dancing third-party tools out there too. Read on to discover how to apply these insightful resources to your content marketing strategy. 

 Discover your core demographics 

Social media analytics provide a wealth of information about the people who are interacting with your business. Most will shed light on your audience’s location, age and gender, with the likes of Facebook and Pinterest even going as far as displaying your followers’ common interests. 
Perhaps your biggest chunk of followers are women in their 50s, or maybe the majority of people engaging with you are from out of town. You might think you already know who your core demographic is, but social media analytics will give you the solid truth. You may have been creating content based on false assumptions the whole time, or it could turn out that you have very different audiences on Twitter compared to Instagram. 
Whatever the case, when you know who is interacting with your social media channels, you can create content tailored especially for them, and make more refined business decisions based on this data. 

 Reveal how audiences perceive your brand and its content 

Marketing without measuring results is a missed opportunity. The good news is that with social media insights, you can effectively measure the response to every single post you publish. Likes, comments, saves, retweets and shares are clear indicators of how well an individual piece of social content was received by your audience, not to mention what the general sentiment is towards your brand. 
By looking back at your posts and seeing which kinds of content tend to be most enjoyed, it will become obvious what you should prioritise going forward to continue growing and catering to your audience. Is it daily insider tips, behind the scenes videos or funky infographics that people stick around for? Check out the numbers and give the people more of what they want. 

Uncover micro-influencers 

Analysing interactions on your social media posts could very well pinpoint some hidden gems in the form of micro-influencers. We’re not talking celebs with six-figure followings here, just people who go above and beyond with the engagement on your socials, and who might have a small, engaged audience of their own that you can tap into. 
Keep an eye out for these people and consider reaching out to work with them – platforms like Facebook’s Creator Studio will actually show your most engaged viewers and help you to decide where collaboration is possible. You could have some of these micro-influencers waiting in the wings, so monitoring post engagements and watching out for trends in your analytics might just reveal them. 

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