We get asked a lot of things by business owners in Hull and East Yorkshire. These can range from how to improve the Google ranking of their website to the best way to engage new customers and convert clicks into custom. 
Still, the question that we’re asked most often is 'how much should a website cost?' It's usually followed by 'why are your prices are so low?' After all, doesn’t cheap automatically mean poor quality? 
We totally understand that this may cross your mind, so to put you at ease we’d like to explain what makes some websites expensive, why some companies are more expensive than others and why low prices don't always mean poor service. 

 What makes a website expensive? 

Basically, it's the scope of the project - there's lots to consider here: 
What does your website need to do? 
How big will it be? 
How many pages would you need to help explain what you do? 
Does your site need to do something unique or special? 
Do you need bespoke functionality? 
Will you want to add more content over time? 
How much support do you need? 
Research: If you're looking for input and ideas on what would work best, that takes time too. 
Competitor research 
Keyword research 
Interviewing existing customers or potential customers 
Defining customer profiles 
Style / Look / Feel 
Tone of voice 
Why should your customers care about what you do? 
What value or benefits do you deliver? 
Content: This is the biggie. We say it a lot, but 'content is king'. 
Do you need a professional copywriter? 
Do you need professional photos? 
What about video? Would it help to add introduction videos, product videos, team videos, testimonial videos? 
How about case studies? 
Do you want to add regular blogs? 
PS: The answer to most of the above is often 'Yes'! 
Marketing & Traffic: You can have the best website in the world, however if no-one knows you exist, it's all pretty pointless... 
How will you drive traffic to the site? 
What's your social media strategy? 
How will you get your message out there? 
How will you track and monitor it? 
Who's responsible for updating your website? 
What's your plan for new content? 
What about ongoing SEO? 
OK, this list isn't definitive, however you get the idea. 
The bigger the project scope and the more help you need, the higher the cost... 

 What makes a website cheap? 

We don't really like the word cheap, however it gets used a lot. If you want a 'cheap' or more cost-effective website you need to consider 'how much are you prepared to do yourself?' 
Basically, take everything in the list above and decide what can be managed by you or by your staff within your company.  
It often comes down to resources and time. If you have plenty of those and the tasks above won't impact on your core business, it will definitely help reduce costs. 
While writing copy and taking a few images may be OK for some, it's worth noting that many of the bullet points in the list above require specialist skillsets and years of experience to implement. 
In our experience, the one thing that most businesses or business owners don't have is time. You can start with good intentions, however when it comes to the crunch, finding the time or learning the skills required to pull together your content may slow things down considerably. 
That's not to say you shouldn't have any input. You know your business better than anyone else and your knowledge and guidance will be required when it comes to any content creation. 

 Selecting the right web company to work with 

Choosing the right web agency to work with is really important. We wrote about this in a blog post a few years ago (8 things to consider before you choose a web company). 
We still stand by everything we said then and it’s worth revisiting and having a read if you’re looking for the best fit for your business. 
Some agencies will have a lot of staff, offices and equipment. These overheads cost money but may also allow that company to deliver a more personal or in-depth service which will be reflected in the price of the website. 
Some agencies are very compact or are maybe a one or two man operation. Accordingly, their prices may be lower, although they may not be able to offer all the services you need. 

 Working with it'seeze (and why we're a little bit different) 

We’ve been designing awesome websites for a long time (over 30+ years experience in websites, design and marketing). Before we started the it'seeze business, we’d had teams of developers, tried all the content management platforms and seen trends come and go. 
Over the years we’ve listened to our clients and the one thing that we heard time and time again from people was the frustration that their websites weren’t easy to edit or that they struggled to access making changes themselves. 
With it'seeze, we found a cost-effective platform that was really really easy to use (hence the name). By giving you (the client) full access to edit your own website, backed up with help and support from us, we’ve aimed to take away many of the obstacles that business owners find with their current websites. 

 A perfectly formed business model 

There are it’seeze businesses all around the UK, with us (Nic, Sarah and Liv) focussed on supporting companies in the Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire area. Optimisation doesn’t just apply to our websites, as the wider It’seeze business structure has also been sculpted to perfection. 
This means that when you choose us as your web design agency, you’re benefitting from a well-oiled machine that’s focused on results. 
No hiccups, no shortfalls, no faffing about – just a fast, smooth and 100% dedicated web design service. 
We’ve streamlined the design and build phases for everyone involved without compromising on detail. You won’t see initial designs or wireframes, however our detailed website brief makes sure we cover all the bases when we look to create your new site. If the brief is correct, we can pretty much guarantee that the end result will be exactly what’s required (it’s worked so far for hundreds of our clients). 
A faster process allows us to create websites in a shorter time, so it’s only fair that we pass these savings on to you. 

 Websites don’t have to cost the earth 

There. We said it. And it’s true. 
The design, build and ongoing maintenance of a website simply doesn’t have to go into the thousands. The trick is to find a web design agency that’s competitively priced but also knows its onions, as you want to ensure that you’re getting effective and affordable rather than cheap and nasty. 
Many of our clients go for a website that starts from either £350* (Plus), £450* (Max) or £600* (Shop) and then simply pay an affordable monthly price plan to cover the key services you need for your website. 
The Plus Package is often a great starting point for new businesses, as it gives you up to five custom-designed webpages. However, if you’re serious about growing your business, our multi-page, multi-feature Max Package is far and away our most popular option. If you need to add online purchases, we also have a Shop Package too if you're looking to sell online. 
Don’t forget, you can always upgrade (or even downgrade) your it’seeze website package as your business requirements change. 
Our pricing has been fine-tuned to cover everything you need today, tomorrow and for many years to come. From domains and email through to super-fast hosting, SSL certificate and tech updates, we make sure all the key services you need for your website are covered in one place. 
As part of this we’re always here to offer advice and support, but when it comes to other forms of digital marketing you’ll be doing the heavy lifting yourself (if you're up to it). Alternatively, there's always additional paid options and packages we can offer for content, SEO and social media management - see the next point below... 

 Additonal website and content support 

There are 2 ways we tend to work with our clients, either you can supply all the content for your website or we can provide an enhanced package and handle everything for you. 
If you have plenty of time as well as the skills required to write the text for your site and source images, you can create the content yourself and send it to us ready for inclusion on the website. This can be a cost-effective way to get your website up and running. 
If this isn’t something you’re comfortable with, we have plenty of options available. 
There are a lot of things to consider when writing text that engages, sells or converts. Producing images that are high quality and relevant to your business may also require a professional. 
Our ‘done-for-you’ packages can include outstanding photography and video, as well as professional copywriting for webpages, case studies and regular blog posts. 
We’ve teamed up with like-minded content specialists right here in Hull and East Yorkshire who agree that businesses shouldn’t have to pay through the nose for excellent digital content and versatile online marketing platforms. 
This service does of course come with an additional cost that’s tailored to your exact needs, though it still ends up being much cheaper overall than most typical web agencies. 

 We know our strengths (and our weaknesses) 

While we can design anything (within reason) and also offer a wide range of extra development services to suit your business, if you need a lot of bespoke development work that’s going to tie up our resources to produce, we may not be the best fit for you. 
If that’s what you need, there are LOTS of great web design agencies in Hull who we can point you in the direction of or even make introductions for you. Just ask us, we’re happy to help! 

 Ask us about web design and digital marketing 

We’re your friendly Hull web design company offering affordable website packages that can include blog writing, photography, videography and social media management. To find out more, get in touch on 01482 880 929 or fill in our contact form
*All costs ex VAT 
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