Every ecommerce brand knows the everlasting struggle that is optimising your conversion rate. It’s a constant battle where even the tiniest of tweaks can make all the difference. With that in mind, here are a few tips that’ll have the conversion rate of your online shop climbing in no time. 

 Show off your product reviews 

Social proof is a sure-fire ways to boost conversions. There’s been boatloads of research and A/B testing on this and the outcome is clear – by displaying customer reviews on product pages and star ratings in a prominent place as well as in search results, you increase buyer confidence and can improve conversions significantly. 

 Design and navigation 

A strong conversion rate relies on how smoothly customers can find what they’re after and complete the checkout process. Search bars should be prominent, navigation by category simple, and customers should see product recommendations at various points of their journey all the way from product page to checkout. 
The ‘add to cart’ button should stand out boldly and, when clicked, customers should be presented with a clear route to checkout or to continue shopping – you don’t want them getting distracted and leaving. Ensure a smooth checkout process with easy payment options like Apple Pay and PayPal, a login option to save payment details, and no hidden costs. Job’s a good’un. 

Abandoned carts 

Abandoned carts are a huge cause of lost revenue. You can boost conversions here by setting up automated email campaigns that entice the customer to return and complete the purchase. These users clearly had a high intent to buy, so by nudging them 24 hours after abandonment, then offering a discount or free shipping perhaps 48-72 hours after, you stand a good chance of seeing more conversions across the line. 

 Quality content 

It might seem obvious, but double check that all of your site’s content is top quality. You don’t want to appear unprofessional and untrustworthy with blurry images, pixelated videos or poorly written descriptions. Even the smallest details can mean the difference between a customer converting or not, so make sure every last bit of content is pristine and current. 

 Optimise for any device 

People have unbelievably short attention spans, so if your pages take longer than a couple of seconds to load, you could be inadvertently sending customers shopping elsewhere. Try to compress images and switch off the auto-play function for videos to keep load times down if you need to. Google’s Page Speed Insights can be a very useful tool here. 
You’ll also want to cater to a massively growing base of mobile users. Check that your site is responsive on mobile and doesn’t display content all skew-whiff, and steer clear from the data-heavy features that’ll eat up mobile memory. When done right, you’ll have them converting in record time. 


‘Fear of missing out’ is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to online shops. Capitalising on a customer’s FOMO by instilling a sense of urgency or exclusiveness will go a great deal towards encouraging them to convert. You could do this by advertising a limited time sale, offering email subscribers an exclusive discount, or convincing customers that a product you’re selling is the next big thing. Give visitors a not-to-be-missed opportunity to convert and they won’t hesitate! 

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