Video content has seen a significant rise in recent years, with many considering it to reign supreme as one of the most vital aspects of a digital marketing strategy. 
Whether you’re sharing it on your website, social media channels or a platform such as YouTube, there are tons of benefits to including video content in your marketing activity. Let’s dive in and explore why video is such a powerful method of engaging online audiences 

 Video is being watched by more customers every day 

Due to its visual nature, video is an extremely fast-growing medium that’s accessible on pretty much any device. It’s sleek, bite-sized, far easier to consume than text, and simply put, people really do enjoy watching it. 
There’s a reason that YouTube is the second most visited website globally. Billions of hours’ worth of video are watched daily, so the benefit here is that there’s an endless pool of potential customers ready to be tapped into. 

 Video complements other content and builds your brand 

The beauty of video is that it shapes your messages into an easily digestible format and offers a fresh way for audiences to engage with your brand. This doesn’t mean that video should replace text – far from it. Instead, video gives you the chance to enhance written content like how-to guides, blogs and case studies with some neat visuals. In the process, you’re providing audiences with a more personal, human experience of your brand – you might even take it to an extra level with behind the scenes content. 
Having a friendly face from within your business delivering insightful and inspiring content on camera will go a long way in building up stronger, more trusting relationships between consumers and your brand. 

 Video increases discoverability 

Search engines love video! Google (which owns YouTube) will often display several video results at the top of the page for high-intent keyword searches. More generally, search engines favour content that engages strongly, and webpages that include video do exactly that. 
Posting videos on a platform like YouTube with well thought out titles, thumbnails, descriptions and all the trimmings will really help to increase brand awareness. You can also integrate links within the videos that direct viewers to your website, which will help to boost your site’s regular traffic and overall SEO score. 
Social media users can’t get enough of videos and they’re constantly sharing them with one another, so much so that the most heavily shared content on social media is in video format 9 times out of 10. In other words, video will get you on the radar and entice people to find out more about your business. 

 Video has a strong influence on buying decisions 

People like to gain a sense of certainty before they part with their cash. Understandably, they want to know how their lives might change for the better when they buy your products and services. It’s therefore no wonder that demonstration videos are one of the most effective ways to reassure visitors that they should choose your business over its competitors. 
It’s amazing what a compelling presenter on camera can do to influence buying decisions because of that all-important personal connection. In fact, HubSpot has found that landing pages with video content convert a whopping 80% more effectively than those without. 

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