Digital marketing is a fascinating business. There’s shedloads to learn and the field is endlessly evolving, and the good news is that there’s something for everyone behind just a few clicks of a mouse. 
Whether you’re a complete newbie looking to break into the field, a small business owner trying to get the word out there or someone who wants to improve their existing marketing skills, you can benefit from a wide range of free resources available online. Here are some of the best out there. 

 Google Digital Garage 

Google Digital Garage is home to a number of courses and resources, but the highlight is certainly the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certification, which is accredited by The Open University. With over 40 hours' worth of material and a certificate upon completion, this is a tremendous, reputable and well-rounded course that will teach you all the basics behind building online marketing strategies, covering topics from analytics to email marketing and everything in between. 

 Meta Blueprint 

Make sure to check out the wide range of short, free Meta courses for getting to grips with marketing on their main platforms: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. This comprehensive content includes support with finding your target audience, mapping customer journeys, attracting followers, building relationships, and getting started with paid social advertising. With the huge part that social media has to play in digital marketing nowadays, Meta Blueprint is a no-brainer for any budding marketer. 

 HubSpot Academy 

HubSpot Academy courses are some of the most varied and in-depth free certifications available, and the inbound marketing brand’s reputation in the field has grown significantly in recent years. Covering all the fundamentals as well as more advanced areas like marketing automation, content marketing and web design, HubSpot's courses are jam-packed with insight that'll have you displaying their nifty little certification badges on LinkedIn in no time. 

 Future Learn 

FutureLearn is a large education provider, home to courses hosted by brands and universities across the world covering all manner of subjects, with digital marketing being just one of many. A lot of the content is CDP certified and the range is varied enough that you’re guaranteed to find something you can commit to, be it for just a one-off couple of hours or a number of sessions over several months. 


Canva offers a number of free, relevant graphic design courses that’ll teach you how to create logos, attractive social media posts, website branding materials and more. This will help you to keep your social media channels and HTML email campaigns fresh and engaging, which can mean the difference between idle clicks and ongoing sales. 

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As well as being your go-to local company for affordable web design packages, we can also manage your digital content through our optimised SEO and aftercare service. This can include copywriting, blog writing, graphic design, photography, videography, email campaigns and social media management, all of which will help you to maximise your digital presence. To find out more, get in touch on 01482 880929 or fill in our contact form
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