Tigers Trust Case Study. 

Tigers Trust Case Study. 


The Tigers Trust charity reached out to it'seeze Websites for a comprehensive overhaul of their existing website. Facing a substantial quote from their previous London-based web agency, they sought a more cost-effective yet high-quality solution for their digital needs. 

The Problem 

Inadequate User Interface and Functionality 
The charity's previous website was not meeting their expectations in several key areas: 
User Interface: The website's user interface was not as user-friendly as it could be, making it challenging for some visitors to navigate and interact with the site. 
Content Management: Updating the website was a complex and time-consuming task, hindering the charity's ability to keep their content fresh and relevant. 
Online Shop Booking System: The process for users to book courses or events on the website was cumbersome and unintuitive. 
Donation Portal: The existing donation platform was inefficient, affecting the charity's ability to secure vital funds. 
Cost Prohibitive Redesign Quote: The charity was quoted over £13,000 for a redesign by their previous agency, a steep price that was would impact their funds and budget. 

The Solution 

Our Approach 
Understanding the unique challenges and requirements of Tigers Trust, it'seeze Websites proposed a tailored solution: 
Affordable Redesign Proposal: A fully redesigned and brand new multi-page website with an easy to use CMS for £1,450 + vat, significantly lower than the previous quote they received. All written content and photography was supplied by the client. 
E-commerce Integration: Our proposal included adding a shop system, allowing for seamless payment processing for events and courses. 
Enhanced User Experience: The redesign focused on creating a user-friendly interface, making it easier for visitors to navigate, book courses, and make donations. 
Simplified Content Management: We ensured that the new website was easy to edit and update, allowing the Tigers Trust team to efficiently manage their online presence. 
Training and Ongoing Support: Post-launch, we provided comprehensive training to the charity's team on managing the website, along with regular ongoing support. 

Results and Impact 

Transformative Outcomes 
Since the launch of the redesigned website, Tigers Trust has experienced remarkable improvements in their online engagement and financial gains: 
Increased Web Traffic: The website now receives over 36,000 page views per month, indicating a significant rise in online interest and engagement. 
Financial Success: Within two years of launching the new website, Tigers Trust has generated nearly £300,000 in income through the shop system. 
Empowered Team: The training and support provided by it'seeze Websites has empowered the charity's team to take full control of their digital content, leading to a more dynamic and current web presence. 


The collaboration between Tigers Trust and it'seeze Websites demonstrates the transformative power of a well-designed, user-friendly, and cost-effective website. By understanding and addressing the specific needs of the charity, we were able to deliver a solution that not only significantly reduced costs but also enhanced the online presence and financial capabilities of Tigers Trust. 

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