This is a question that comes up quite often. Our business model is a little different to most other web companies so we've aimed to cover the most common questions we get asked here. 

 Our experience 

At it'seeze Hull & Leeds, we have over 30+ years design experience, including 20 years in web design. We're supported by our team of developers and web specialists and together we produce bespoke designed, mobile responsive, cost-effective and fully editable websites. 
You can find out more about us here
You can also take a look at our 5-star Google reviews and see our previous website work on our website. 

 How we work 

With many web agencies you'll pay for a website upfront in one big lump sum, or possibly in a few staged payments. This isn't always ideal for cashflow and can be a big commitment for any business. 
In most cases, you'll also have to pay the web agency or another supplier a monthly or yearly fee to cover your web hosting, domain, email, SSL certificate and back-ups. 
Unless you're paying for a maintenance contract on top of your website and hosting fees, it's also likely that once the website is built and live, you'll be left to fend for yourself. If you want some advice or help, or to add another product, service or page, there may be additional costs too. 
With it'seeze, you make an upfront payment - similar to a commitment fee or deposit and set up an ongoing monthly subscription.  
The upfront cost you pay is the basic package starting price plus any additional costs for features such as copywriting or extra pages. 
This monthly subscription model is ideal for business cash flow as you know exactly where you are each month. These days we’re used to paying subscriptions for our services - from mobile phone contracts and Microsoft Office, to entertainment packages such as Netflix and Spotify. 
An ongoing subscription means that you'll always receive ongoing support, training and help, tech upgrades, new and improved features and usability, as well as everything you need to keep your site running (domain, hosting, SSL, back-ups etc). 

 What's included? 

A bespoke, hand-coded website 
Our sites aren't templates. They're hand built and designed to suit your business. We'll use our comprehensive briefing document to find out all about your business, allowing us to produce a unique website that reflects what you're looking for. 
A really easy to use editing system 
You may have used a content management system (CMS) before such as Wordpress or one of the self-build platforms. The it'seeze editing system has been designed and developed to be really simple to use. In fact it's really easy (hence the name!). No coding knowledge is required and we provide training and support for as long as you stay with us. 
Everything required to keep your site running and up-to-date 
Along with the design and build of the website and the easy to use content management system, we also provide everything you need to get your site up and running and functioning over the long term. This includes: 
Your domain name purchased and your yearly renewals paid for ( or .com) 
Up to five professional email IMAP addresses with a 1GB mailbox if required 
Initial Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for all pages (page titles/meta descriptions) to help you get found on Google 
Access to built-in SEO and performance tools including setting up Google Analytics 4 
Access to our Getty Images Stock Library for your website images during the build (if you don’t have photos you want to use yourself) 
Secure, mirrored UK based hosting providing fast page loading speed 
Website back-ups every time you make a change, plus the ability to restore previous versions of your website 
Free SSL security certificate via Cloudflare for enhanced website security 
Latest GDPR compliance plus ongoing GDPR updates 
Training on how to update and edit your website 
Ongoing tech updates for the website including adding new features as they're rolled out 
Regular 6 month website reviews to look at improvements or changes in your business 
Genuinely helpful support 
Not a chatbot, not just email tickets. If you've got an issue or want some help you can pick up the phone or send an email and we'll do what we can to sort things for you. Real human interaction from local people who know your business. 
If you can't get hold of us, there's the back up of our support team. You can call them on 01803 407470. They're available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm and are happy to deal with any questions you have. 
Finally, there's our support website - available 24/7. It's packed with helpful videos, articles and guides on how to edit your site. 
Full ownership 
We've picked up a few clients from companies such as Yell who also charge a monthly fee for their websites. With a company such as Yell, you're effectively renting your website. It's theirs, built on their platform and you'll never receive a copy of the site at any time. 
With it'seeze, once you've completed a minimum term that covers the initial cost of your site, you just pay on a month by month basis. If at any time you decide you want to leave and would like a copy of your website, you’ll receive a rip of the website code that your new web designer can integrate into their chosen system. 

 How much will it cost? 

The cost of any website is dictated by the scope of project. We cover this in more detail in our blog post 'how much should a website cost?'
To keep things simple, we have 2 website packages that we use as starting points. 
Max Package - up to 10 designed pages, plus the option for you or us to add more as required. Ideal for growing SME businesses. Costs start from £550 upfront and £45 per month*: 
Shop Package - everything in the Max Package + a built in shop system. Ideal for businesses looking for a simple way to sell online. Costs start from £700 upfront and £55 per month*: 
Please note, these costs are just the basic starting points for any web project and are based on you providing content (text and images) . We often quote for additional pages, copywriting (writing SEO friendly text for all the pages of your website), professional photography or other paid extras at any time, including animated movement, image carousels, video backgrounds, Google review widgets and much more. 
Please note, both of these website packages have a 12 month minimum term contract. After that you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice. 
*All costs are ex vat 

 What about the website brief and content? 

When it comes to completing the website brief and supplying content for the website (the written text for the pages and images), there are a 2 options you can choose from, dependent on how much time you're happy to commit. 
Option 1 - Done By You: You create and submit all your content via our online content portal 
This can be a cost-effective option for businesses who already understand how to get the best from a website and have the time and skills to create SEO optimised content in-house. 
We'll design and build your website based around the content and information you supply. We'll send you a link to our online content portal and you'll complete our website brief and provide the written content for the web pages, along with any branding / logo files, images, photography and video.  
Cost: No additional cost 
Option 2 - Done For You: We help with content creation 
We'll send you a more in-depth briefing document to complete which covers additional questions such as target audience, competitors and much more. We'll also create the page plan and write the text for each page of your website, making sure it's SEO optimised and set up to provide the best user experience.  
We can also quote for and arrange for professional photography or video if required. Of course, any costs are dependent on the scope of the project so please speak to us about your specific requirements. 
Cost: Typically £250 + vat for page planning and content creation (writing the text) for a 10 page website. 

 Are there any other costs to consider? 

We offer a range of additional features (paid extras) that you can choose to enhance your standard website package.  
Our most popular paid extras include: 
A bespoke temporary holding page while your new website is being built (From £60*) 
A sequence of blending or fading images on the home page to highlight different services or offers (£50*) 
Image, logo or testimonial carousels (£30-50*) 
Design and build of any extra website pages above and beyond the 10 included in our standard Max or Shop package (£45* per page) 
Embed third party widgets such as booking systems or Google reviews (From £20*) 
Add background video to your website header (From £50*) 
Add pop up or pop out content (£40*) 
Create animated movement when scrolling through pages (£70*) 
Looking for something that’s unique to you or your business?  
If there's specific functionality you want to include, we can quote for bespoke development. In the past we’ve created bespoke features such as online configurators that allow users to select different colour windows and doors and created complex forms that allow visitors to create and pay for an online Will.  
As long as we have a detailed brief we can chat with our development team and produce a quote for the work required. 
Please ask us for more information if you’re unsure about what’s included as a standard feature. 
*All costs are ex vat 

 What additional services can we help with? 

We have years of marketing and design experience, as well as a network of trusted suppliers and partners to help handle all your marketing requirements. 
Our additional service include: 
Done-for-you and DIY SEO packages 
Professional photography 
Social media set-up and management 
Video production 
Digital marketing and paid ads 
Branding and logo design 
Professional copywriting and blog writing 
Graphic design and print production 
We’re happy to chat about whatever you need. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Click on the questions below to find out more. 
Typically it takes around 8-10 weeks from start to finish to plan, gather, approve content and build your website. The quicker you provide all your content, the quicker we can start production. 
A typical timeline may be as follows: 
Website brief and content gathering / content creation: 2-3 weeks 
Check content, upload, brief developers ready for build: 1 week 
Design and build: approximately 4 weeks (minimum 21 working days) 
Final amends and adjustments: 1 week 
If your briefing document is completed correctly and all information supplied is accurate, we’re highly confident that the end result will be as expected. 
Producing wireframes or initial designs slows down the project and adds additional time (and cost). As our sites are so easy to edit, we can make any final adjustments once the website is built. 
If you do require wireframes and a visual prior to the website build we can provide you with a quote for doing this. 
When you’re ready to get things started, we’ll add your details to our admin system to set up your account. Once that's done, we'll send you an email link to sign up and agree the terms and conditions. 
The link will also require you to pay the initial website fee along with any extras or bespoke work you may have chosen. You will also need to set up the direct debit for the monthly subscription. 
This ensures that we have full agreement and commitment for the project before we get started on creating your site. 
At our own discretion, we delay your monthly website subscription payment for a maximum of 2 months following sign-up. We believe that in the majority of cases this allows you time to create and gather your website content and submit it or send to us. 
During those first 2 months following sign-up, we’ll be planning your site, working with you to get things moving and managing domains or email, as well as scheduling time to review your content. 
Please be aware that your payments will start after 2 months regardless of whether your site is still in production or is not yet live. The quicker you can get content to us, the sooner we can schedule time for your website production. 
The reason we ask that you supply all your content (text and images), discuss likes & dislikes and approve the briefing document prior to the website build is to minimise amendments before going live. 
If there are minor changes to make such as a spelling mistake or something we’ve missed, that’s not a problem. 
If you want us to make major changes or you’ve changed your mind on the design, layout, colour or content there will be additional costs for us to make any new changes for you. 
We'll be honest, it's extremely rare that this happens, however we're always happy to talk through any potential changes. As mentioned in the question above about 'why won't I see an initial design?', we're confident that if the briefing document you've completed is accurate and that the likes, dislikes, colours, branding and questions around look, feel, design and target market have all been addressed accurately, the end result will tick all the boxes that your website visitors are looking for.  
You can get a good feel for the standard of work we produce in our local portfolio
You can select up to 10 Getty stock images for Plus website packages and up to 20 for Max & Shop website packages. Our Getty images are licenced for web use only and you need to select them during the website briefing phase / before the website build. We are unable to supply these images for other marketing use. 
Your monthly subscription payments are fixed for the entirety of your minimum term (12 months for Max/Shop packages or 24 months for clients with our older Plus package). We guarantee we’ll never charge you more than your agreed upon plan. 
Once you have completed your minimum term, your monthly price plan will continue for as long as you choose to stay with us. 
If you want to cancel your website at any time after your minimum term, we just require 30 days notice and the completion of our cancellation form. If you'd like a rip of the website (code) to take and host elsewhere, we'll provide that for you once your cancellation is complete. 
Feel free to give us a call or send an email with any questions you have. Our contact details are here. 
Alternatively, we have more FAQs on our dedicated FAQ page here
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