Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process of improving your website so that its traffic is both of a greater quantity and a higher quality. This is achieved by increasing the site’s visibility in search engines such as Google and giving people good reason to click on your listing over those of competitors. 

 Do I need SEO? 

You sure do. Whilst you’ll almost certainly still have direct traffic (people who type your URL into the address bar) and social traffic (visitors clicking through from your social media channels), you definitely need to get your organic traffic working properly too. 
Organic traffic is when someone enters a search term related to your business, finds your listing amongst the results, gives it a click and ends up on your site. Most websites depend on organic traffic more than any other type, so SEO is super important. 

 SEO strengthens visitor relevance 

We come across many businesses that already have high volumes of organic traffic but a very low conversion rate. This means that people are visiting their site but not following a call to action, such as filling in a contact form.  
Though high traffic figures look good, without any conversion they’re as much use as a handbrake on a canoe. 
When strong SEO is integrated throughout every part of your website, you’ll find that you receive more visits from people who have an active interest in what your business offers. Say “tatty-bye” to time-wasters and “well hello there” to new customers. 

 Making content work for your SEO 

Ongoing digital content is crucial if you want your website to continually rank well in search engines. There are a few approaches you can take here, with blog posts and landing pages being two of the most effective. 
Don’t worry if you lack the time to do this, as our content specialists can manage it for you. This saves you time and stress, plus we’ll make sure that we’re writing content around your industry’s most up-to-date search terms. 

 Blog posts that inform and inspire 

Blogs posts are a brilliant way to add new content to your website as often as desired without the site menu getting too busy. For instance, your menu will direct people to your core services, whereas blog posts can go much more in-depth and also take the form of how-to guides, interviews, staff spotlights and case studies. 
They’re also great for your wider marketing activity, such as sharing through social media and including in HTML email campaigns. When done properly, you’ll soon find that a regular blog makes a positive difference to your web traffic. 

 Precision targeting through landing pages 

Landing pages look similar to regular webpages but they’re used in a very clever way. Let’s say you own a photography business and want to target people in specific cities, such as Hull, York, Leeds and Sheffield. Landing pages give you the opportunity to create a separate webpage for each location. 
Each landing page will share the same general information but it’s written in a unique way, including location-based keywords. This removes the risk of duplicated content on your site whilst creating highly targeted pages, which can be found easily by people searching for your services according to where they live. 

 We make SEO easy 

The team here at It’seeze Websites Hull & East Yorkshire can help your business to maximise your website’s organic traffic. From our initial conversation, we’ll determine what it is you’re looking to be found for, who your target audience is and what you need to do on your website so get customers to convert. 
Give us a call on 01482 880929 or fill in our contact form to find out how SEO takes engagement to a whole new level. 
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