Social media is more popular than ever before and 66% of people in the UK use at least one platform. Thanks to the nature of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other channels, individuals within your target audience see your messages when they’re in the mood to find out more. This creates a powerful opportunity to increase your brand awareness, customer engagement and sales activity in a natural and interactive way. 
It’s crucial that your business maintains strong activity across its social media channels, as this enables you to grab and retain the attention of your buyer personas. However, this will require a dedicated social media manager, as a slapdash approach simply won’t do the trick. With this in mind, below are some of the benefits that come with outsourcing your social media to the specialists here at It’seeze. 

 Save time and money 

Let’s start with a fact that we know you want to hear, as outsourcing your social media will save you both time and money. The time factor is obvious because it’s a daily job off your list – we’ll post to all of your channels, respond to comments and messages, grow your audience and make sure that all of your information is kept up to date. 
Whether it’s currently you or an employee running your company’s social media channels, you can instantly free up time by passing the responsibility over to our experienced team. 
As for saving money, it’s all about the return on investment. We have the skills required to grow your following and engage customers on a deeper level, which encourages enquiries and direct sales. The result is a service that pays for itself, plus the time saved within your business helps to make your employees more productive. It really is a win-win solution. 

 Access to in-depth knowledge 

The whole point of outsourcing is that you’re hiring an expert to manage an important business process on your behalf. This know-how makes all the difference, as you gain the peace of mind that your social media channels are being managed by someone who does it for a living. 
Our digital marketing experts are also prepared to respond to inevitable changes. There isn’t a single social media platform that hasn’t transformed its layout, functionality and features multiple times, plus these updates are becoming larger and more frequent. Keeping on top of this is key to getting the most from your social media, as falling behind can result in your brand’s online activity looking tired and sloppy. 

 Improved customer experience 

Social media is different to old-school marketing formats because it does much more than simply inform. When properly managed, a company’s social media channels will inspire, educate and entertain. Your social media manager will join with conversations and open up entirely new ones, all while highlighting your brand as a thought leader and setting you apart from the competition. 
People are increasingly likely to ask a business questions via social media rather than emailing or picking up the phone. Simultaneously, these two-way communication channels are in public view and can do wonders for building trust with your target audience. Even if you receive a complaint or negative feedback, we’ll respond quickly and professionally and turn it to your advantage, allowing others to see that your business takes customer service very seriously. 

 Let’s talk business growth 

We’re your friendly Hull website design company offering affordable website packages that can include blog writing, photography, videography and social media management. To find out more, get in touch on 01482 880929 or fill in our contact form
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