Customers these days are a cautious folk, especially those in the digital world. Online shoppers will always have anxieties about spending their cash on the web, and there’s nothing stopping them from clicking around to find another brand. 
Displaying social proof, primarily by showing off your customer reviews and star ratings, is a sure-fire way to ease customer anxieties and differentiate your brand from others. So, whether it’s on your website, your social channels or a third-party service like Trustpilot or TripAdvisor, get collecting those customer reviews. When you’ve done that, here’s what you can do with them 

 Display reviews strategically on your website 

On a website, display your more generic company reviews on the homepage and landing pages for a strong first impression, then narrow it down with product or service specific reviews on their own respective pages. 
Trustpilot has found that 88% of consumers consider online reviews at some stage in their online shopping journey, so including in as much transparent social proof as you can at every step will work wonders in building trust and giving customers that extra nudge towards a purchase. 

 Social proof on social media 

Sharing reviews and testimonials should be a key part of your social media strategy, especially considering that many consumers will already follow a brand they intend on buying from, or tune into social media conversations to learn what kind of experiences others have had. 
By converting feedback into valuable pieces of content with some nice graphics and showcasing it on your social channels, you can push these potential customers in the right direction. 

 Reviews in email campaigns 

Email is highly targeted and often one of the highest performing marketing channels when it comes to ROI, so if there’s anywhere you want to be showing off your social proof, it’s here. 
Demonstrating to email campaign recipients just how highly regarded you are by existing customers, with a review or two that’s highly relevant to the subject matter, can only do good for your clickthrough and conversion rates, even if implemented by something as simple as a small review section at the bottom of your email template. 

 Social proof in ads 

Let’s face it, everyone can be a little untrusting of ads. They’re just there to help turn a profit, after all. If you can find a way to implement social proof and display customer reviews in your ad campaigns, you’ll help gain some of that trust with potential customers. 
Google Seller Ratings can add a healthy dose of social proof to Google Ads campaigns by displaying your star ratings in search results and Google Shopping listings.  
Or you could use social proof to pack extra punch to a retargeting campaign, encouraging consumers that have already shown intent to buy with some highly relevant product reviews. Ads can give your social proof extra milage with that delicious paid reach. 

 Do more with an It’seeze website 

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