Last month we looked at 3 reasons why customers might not buy from you based on the information you present on your website. The post went down so well that we thought we’d look at a few more things you can do to help your customers engage with you through your website. 
If you haven’t already seen it, you can view part one here

What if customers don’t like your product? 

Some customers won’t take the risk of buying from you in case they don’t get what they expect. 
One way to counter this is to offer the best guarantee you can afford. 
State your guarantee clearly and in detail. An unconditional money-back guarantee will often create the most sales because it eliminates all customer risk, for example ‘we offer a no quibble money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our service’ or ‘if you’re not delighted with our product, return it within 10 days and we’ll give you your money back.’ 
At itseeze Hull we provide guarantees that cover the build time, pricing, and support. 
What’s your guarantee to your customers and is it strong enough? 

The power of testimonials 

A prospective customer may not buy from you until you remove all doubt in their mind that you can and will deliver exactly what you promise. 
Testimonials are a powerful tool you can use to accomplish this. They provide proof you’ve already delivered satisfaction to other customers. 
Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials. The best time is when you’ve just delivered your product or service to your customer. If a customer isn’t sure what to say, just ask them to talk about how you’ve helped them with your product or service and what the benefit was to their business. 
Here’s a recent example from one of our customers: 
“Working with Nic & Sarah at itseeze Hull has been great. Extremely professional with a personal touch. Excellent communication throughout made it a simple migration from our existing sites. Highly recommend!” 
Another great way to tell your customers how good you are is to use video. You can see an example video that we produced with our customers below. 
Does your current website offer any evidence or testimonials to help convince your customers? 

Give your customers a good reason to buy 

Customers often make emotional decisions to purchase goods or services and will typically buy from a person or company they like. 
They will then search for evidence and information to confirm they’ve made the right decision (emotional buying - heart first, head later). 
This is the time to tell them how much work goes in to developing your product or service. 
Explain your background and any industry accreditations or qualifications 
Provide links to research that backs up what you do, for example ‘over 100 independent studies show that there is a clear link between mindfulness and work productivity’ 
Show how your product or service has helped similar customers (use case studies) 
At itseeze Hull we have individual pages that talk about who we are, our team and why you should use us. We also use our portfolio page to highlight featured projects
What evidence do you provide to your customers to help them see that their decision to engage your services or buy your product was wise? 

Make it easy for your customers to buy from you 

Have you ever left a website because the information on the page was too confusing or you couldn’t easily find what you were looking for? 
Your website home page should quickly and easily guide potential customers to the information that they’re interested in. Once they’ve found what they’re looking for, make sure there is no confusion over what you want your customer to do next – whether that’s to buy now, call, email, or fill in a form. 
Make sure you include contact buttons and links to relevant pages throughout all the pages on your website. 
Make sure anyone who visits your website finds the buying process simple, easy, and fast. Help your customers buy from you by reviewing the suggestions in this blog post and also in part one
If you want a website that converts customer visits into sales, just click on our email link or call us on 01482 880 929 to arrange a meeting. Can you afford not to? 
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