Converting idle browsing into a sale is often a challenge for e-commerce stores, so we’re here to help you turn more clicks into custom. A key consideration is strong product descriptions, which can mean the difference between customers umming-and-ahhing or confidently adding a product to their cart. 
An effective product description will not only inform customers but also convey your branding, nurture a connection with the reader, and help boost your search engine rankings. Below are a few tips on how to nail those product descriptions every single time. 

 Like any copy, customer is key 

Don’t just supply the basic product details and be done with it, as this does very little to motivate a purchase. Instead, ensure that you ask yourself the same questions you would with any other copywriting, such as: 
What are your customers searching for? 
Have you created an in-depth buyer persona to write around? 
Which tone of voice will the customer appreciate in this stage of their journey? 
Are you including information that engages the reader and encourages them to follow a call to action? 
In other words, if you write the product description so that it tries to sell to anyone and everyone, the result will only be a vague wall of text. The trick is to know your customer’s preferences and write with them very clearly in mind, using language that speaks to them directly. 

 A product to make life easier 

Of all the things you know about the customer, nothing is more important than their personal needs. Whilst describing the product’s features is key, you must also pay attention to clarifying how it will make life easier, more fun, less stressful – whatever the USP may be. 
For instance, is the product really just a scented body lotion, or is it a meticulously developed skincare solution that will moisturise, repair and add a healthy glow to skin whilst exuding the pleasing aroma of peppermint and eucalyptus? 
Meanwhile, unless your target audience is a highly technical type, consider leaving the product specs until a bit further down the page. This way, you invite the reader to imagine using your products before going into the more practical info that can sometimes seem a little dry. 

 Emotions drive purchasing decisions 

Don’t be afraid to release the inner poet or storyteller. Shoppers like to know how to use a product and what they’ll feel in the process, so make sure to inspire them. 
Embellishing your language a tad and sharing genuine stories can help to lower the consumer’s natural barriers against persuasion and selling techniques. Every Tom, Dick and Harry will let you know their product is high quality, but do they spruce up their descriptions with a touch of emotive content? This is your opportunity to cut through the noise and blast your competition out of the water. 

 Make the description scannable 

Let’s face it, e-commerce makes it easier than ever to shop around for the perfect product, which means that visitors can also quietly exit your online store without buying anything. If people are going to be in and out of your product page in a flash, the important info absolutely must stand out. 
No matter how long your product descriptions are, it’s crucial that they can also be quickly scanned by buyers who are in a hurry. To achieve this, bullet-pointing the product’s main features and benefits will quickly direct a shopper’s gaze to the prime selling material. 
This allows you to achieve an effective balance, as initial descriptions that are short and sweet will grab the attention of online shop-hoppers, whilst the longer, more detailed content further down the page will be valued by those looking to make decisions on high-cost, luxury items. 
In order to capture the attention of all kinds of shoppers, try a combination of content. We suggest written descriptions, a variety of photos and perhaps even a promotional video – the more types of online content you provide, the more likely you are to make a sale. 

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