What is a landing page and what does it do? 

Landing pages are super strong tools for strengthening SEO, building up a customer base and generating conversions by leading users to a very specific product, service or offering with all the relevant content they need to be won over. 
They’re designed with a single goal in mind, whether that’s convincing someone to buy a new lawnmower, to attend a conference, or simply sign up to your newsletter for regular updates. Done well, a landing page can be incredibly powerful for your business, so here’s a handful of tips that’ll have visitors converting into customers in a jiffy. 

 An attractive, minimalistic landing page design always wins 

Since landing pages have very specific goals, you want their design to be as simple as possible. Your headline should be punchy, your description may include some bullet points, and high-quality imagery or video content will greatly complement the trust-building elements (more on those later). As you'd expect, Apple are very good at this! 
And of course, a clear call to action (CTA) should be boldly positioned in pride of place. If the CTA is a contact form, make sure that it asks for as few details as possible, as quick forms are more likely to be filled in. 

 Above the fold 

Your above-the-fold should follow an organised visual hierarchy. This helps guide your consumer on what to focus on and how to progress through the content they can see. 
Many people scan text and images in an F-pattern. Here's what we think are the essentials: 
Your Headline (left side) - it should include your main value proposition and needs to pass the 'so what' test. 
Sub-headline - This is designed to compliment the headline and should introduce the product or service. 
Creative - Ideally you should show your product or people. 
Call To Action (CTA). 
Social Proof - testimonials or reviews, typically underneath CTA 
Your above-the-fold content should get the visitor to engage via the CTA or eager to keep scrolling to find out more. 
Here are a couple of good examples: 

 Compelling copywriting 

A landing page’s headline is vital, so spend some time developing wording that clearly conveys the value of what you’re offering and stops people from immediately bouncing away. You can then provide more detail and expand on the topic in the accompanying text beneath the header. 
Descriptions of products or services should be direct, on brand and relevant to what makes the audience tick, answering any questions or anxieties they may have well in advance. Try instilling a sense of urgency with your language if the landing page is for a sale or promotion that’s running for a limited time, and always keep your call to action clear and simple. 

 Deliver value 

Just like any other marketing tool, a landing page needs to make it obvious to the customer what they stand to gain. Focus your copy on the value you are delivering with your offer, the benefits customers will experience by taking you up on it, and the solutions you’re going to apply to their problems. Of course, value can equally be provided through a promotion or a discount code. Everybody loves a bargain, and it’ll certainly give customers a reason to engage. 
The content of a landing page will deliver value most effectively if it’s highly relevant to a user and where they came from. For example, your social media followers will have higher levels of brand awareness than traffic originating from pay-per-click ads, so don’t be afraid to have several landing pages in place simultaneously, catering to unique audiences. 

 Build trust 

A landing page is a short window of opportunity to convince users that your brand is trustworthy. It’s fairly simple to achieve this by displaying testimonials, reviews, social media counters, logos of brands you’ve worked with, certifications you hold, and/or industry organisations you have membership with. 
Easily digestible endorsements of your skill and trustworthiness that don’t take up too much valuable space can really pack a punch on a landing page.. 

 Do more with an It’seeze website 

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