What was the 12 Days of Christmas campaign? 

If you somehow managed to miss our 12 Days of Christmas campaign, read below for all of the hints, tips, and ideas that we shared over the festive twelve-day period and how well they performed as a social media / marketing campaign. 
Day 1 
One service to cover everything 
On day one, our aim was to inform potential new clients of the core services that we have to offer. These include web design and development, online shop and ecommerce, search engine optimisation, branding and logo design, graphic design and print and photography and video. The post reached 101 accounts and gained 114 impressions on Instagram which this post was limited to. 
Day 2 
Two Office Dogs 
On day two, we couldn’t resist posting our two miniature schnauzers. After around 42 pictures, we finally landed on two that best represents their cuteness. This post was spread across our Twitter, Instagram and it was promoted on Facebook. On Instagram, we reached 107 accounts with 119 impressions and 5 profile visits. On Twitter, this post reached 268 impressions and 36 engagements. 
Day 3 
Three Staff Are Zooming! 
Day three showed our 3 members of staff offering support and guidance over zoom. The aim of this post is to make our customers aware that we are available to arrange a chat about any of their website needs, especially during Covid-19. This post was on our Instagram and Facebook page, with Instagram showing 105 accounts reached with 123 impressions and Facebook showing 32 organic reaches. 
Day 4 
Four Website Packages 
On day four, we posted about the four different website packages that we offer ranging in prices from low to high. The packages which are Lite, Plus, Max and Shop, begin with a simple website for basic needs and progress to unlimited freedom with your website depending on what package you choose. This post was shared across Facebook and Instagram. Facebook showed 147 organic reaches, 74 3-second video views and 27 clicks – this is a considerably higher amount than the previous post made. Instagram however showed that 91 accounts were reached with 104 impressions but no new profile visits. 
Day 5 
Five Website Editing Tips 
Day five was predominantly aimed at our existing clients who may need tips on how they can maximise their knowledge on our editing system. This post also showed our first use of IGTV videos on Instagram. IGTV allows you to add full length videos to Instagram and for this example, I filmed five 1–2-minute videos for tips such as how to publish a blog post, how to add columns, how to add photos and videos, how to write SEO for your web page and how to add a colour block. The videos gathered 31 overall views whereas the Instagram post showed that we had 4 profile visits, 97 reached accounts and 112 impressions. This post was solely limited to Instagram however a link was shared to Facebook which had 36 organic reaches and 1 link click. 
Watch the IGTV videos here. 
Day 6 
Six Essential Social Media Platforms 
On day six we brought back IGTV videos. For this video I took the time to explain why Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google my business and YouTube are the most important platforms to share your business on. This post was limited to Instagram with only 72 reached accounts on the Instagram post and 85 impressions. 
Watch the IGTV video here. 
Day 7 
7(,000) Colours Matching 
On day seven we posted about how to find colours that match and what they look like together. With a useful resource, you are able to learn about colour matching to help figure out the colour scheme of your website or logo. This post was again, limited to Instagram and has less interactions than any previous post with 67 accounts reached and 75 impressions. 
See the Instagram post here. 
Day 8 
Eight Engines Searching 
Day eight was about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). For those clients that aren’t aware of the importance of SEO, this post was aimed to inform on how it is important. “Studies show that good SEO can have a better return on investment than largely produced TV ads. Properly thought-out SEO can give businesses; visibility, web traffic, branding & high creditability.” This post was limited to Instagram and had 91 accounts reached, 4 profile visits and 102 impressions. 
Day 9 
Nine Staff Are Designing 
Our day nine post was to give credit to our team of designers in head office. Working closely with this team, this is how we are able to bring your website vision to life. Again, limited to Instagram only this post reached 87 accounts with 105 impressions. 
Day 10 
Ten Stock Images 
On our tenth day our aim was to inform our clients on how to search for stock images from our stock library. When you sign up for a website with us, you will have access to an extensive selection of stock images. Depending on your website package you can pick and choose 10-20 high quality images by simply copying the code and sending it to us to use on your website. On Instagram we reached 83 accounts with 4 profile visits and 93 impressions. 
See the Instagram post here. 
Day 11 
Eleven Faults are Finding 
Day eleven brought us eleven faults are finding. For this post we set out to show clients and potential clients on how their current website is performing by offering a free website audit that pinpoints eleven faults on their pre-existing site such as spelling, SEO and speed. This was only posted on Instagram and performed well with 63 accounts reached and 72 impressions. 
Day 12 
Twelve New Websites 
For the final day, we posted 12 new websites. This wrapped up all the days into one by showing our clientele how we have implemented all of the 12 days into our sites. Again, limited to Instagram this post performed well with 76 accounts reached and 93 impressions. 
See the Instagram post here. 
Overall, this campaign exceeded our expectations in how well it performed. Our Instagram insights on the 26th of December show that we had reached 223 new accounts which was 42% higher than before. We also had 79 content interactions which is a massive 259% higher along with gaining 38 followers from the beginning of the campaign till now. 
These figures on Instagram rise everyday with the more content produced and shared, the content is key for re-targeting on social media by re-sharing old posts when the time is relevant again. 
On Facebook, our posts reached 669 people which had gone up 472%! Along with 112 post engagements pushing it up a further 91% - one of our posts even reached 524 people alone. 
The more you implement social media strategies and techniques, the more following and recognition you gain, for free! If you want to know more about our websites or strategies, then please contact us
Check out our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
All the best - Liv 
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